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EVENT TOPIC: How does the Facebook algorithm work?

Ticket sales open for Thursday 16 May 
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Knowing the fundamentals of when and what to post, is just the tip of the iceberg. Delve deep into the psychology of why your audience is not engaging with your posts and what to do about it. Get personal with your fans and break down those barriers that are limiting your brand’s true identity.

Focus on the outputs and Facebook will reward you. This is the 2nd event of a series that will cover several key topics to unlocking your brand’s digital potential. 

The upcoming event will cover the following themes:
• How is your content ranked? – How Facebook decides what your audiences should see first.

• What are meaningful interactions and how to create them? - Tailoring your audiences feed to make sure your content is being seen continuously.

• What not to post! - Avoiding engagement bait, and posts that Facebook considers spammy.

• What is your WHY? – Taking your company’s core values and creating authentic content strategies to clearly showcase them to your audiences.

• Growing your page following organically, directly and indirectly.

Play Facebook’s game, anticipate the next move, and your business will thrive.